You can call me CHERRY.
Taken by the Engineer(aka Papi.)
I like chocolate, cats, whips, and unicorns.

This blog is a mixture of all things little, things I like, want, and need. (:

Very NSFW.
-If you are 18 or younger GET OUT. Sorry.
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"You are mine.

Every last inch of you.

Mine to do, mine to take, mine to use.


Do you fucking understand me?”

"Yes, sir."

"The hair on your head. Mine to play with, mine to pull on, mine to twirl and mine to grip. Mine.

Your shoulders. Mine to lean on, mine to grab, mine to grip and mine to push you to your knees. Mine.

Your neck. Mine to bite, mine to choke. Mine.. to.. Choke. Mine to nuzzle and grab. Mine to wrap my hand around. Mine to mark. To show the world, you are mine. Mine.

Your arms. Mine to hold above your head as I finger your cunt. Mine to hold behind your back as I fuck you. Mine to bruise as I hold you tight. Mine.

Your waist. Mine to push and pull and grab and squeeze as I thrust my cock into your pussy. Do you understand? Who owns your waist?”

"You, sir."

"Your legs. Mine. To wrap around me, to rest on my back as I lick your pussy. To pull me in as you sit on my lap, facing me. Mine.

Your feet. To torture, to tickle, to rub, to caress, to play with, to shoot my cum on. Whenever I want. Mine.

Your hands. To hold. To grab me. To hold me. To caress me. To grip me. To stroke my cock. But, they are still mine. All mine.

Your ass. Mine to spank, to paddle, to crop and to abuse at my discression. Mine to grab, fondle, grope, part, explore, with my fingers and my tongue and my cock. Mine.

Your pussy. Mine. To lick, to kiss, to suck, to taste, to finger, to fuck. To use, as I choose. Your twat, your cunt, your clit, your fuckhole. Mine.

Your mouth. That sweet little mouth of yours. The mouth that whispers ‘I love you’ just before you engulf my cock. The sweetness, and the filth all at once. My mouth. To fuck, to kiss, to shove my fingers in, like this. To hold open and let you know… It’s mine.

I own you. All of you. When you gave yourself to me, when you submitted to me. You trusted me with your body. And I will use you how I please…

You are MINE.”






Wooo shit

Y’all really ain’t shit.


Fucking hell, it took me a few minutes to realise what the fuck was going on.







Dear Little friends,



If your voice/grammar/vocabulary changes a bit when you’re in little space, that is totally awesome and nothing to be ashamed of. I see so many people getting worked up about it when it’s really not a bad thing at all :)
PS: You’re adorable, and I love you.

probably the one thing I get shyest about(/.\^)



In my opinion a good Daddy should dress his baby girl most mornings and should undress her and into pj’s for bed. It is part of taking care of your baby girl to show how much you care for her. 

we both know why you will love this picture


My all time favourite pet name =^-^=


Your Food is Secretly Talking About You Behind Your Back